Government Consultations and Community Partnerships

Federation members work closely with ministers and agencies in government to improve accessibility of government services, advocate for policies that will benefit people living with intellectual or developmental disabilities, and increase visibility of people living with disabilities generally. We aim to show that Federation members and others living with disabilities can fully participate in their government.

One of our most significant community partnerships started in 2009, when we developed a unique training program in conjunction with grant funding from SACAIS. The program, titled “Train to Better Defend,” is a set of training modules for Federation members and others. Using written materials, illustrations, pictograms, and lipdubbed video, we developed our materials to provide all members with a better understanding of the roles and responsibilities of Federation administrators and delegates.

We maintain a strong network of organizations that we partner with to better advocate on behalf of our members. Here are just some of the organizations we have worked with in the past:

  • AQIS-IQDI (Quebec Association for Social Integration – Quebec Institute of Intellectual Disability)
  • CNRIS (National Consortium for Research in Social Integration)
  • Health Solidarity Coalition
  • COPHAN (Confederation of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities of Quebec)
  • FRAPRU (Popular action font in urban redevelopment)
  • PHAS Movement (People with disabilities for access to services)
  • MSSS (Ministry of Health and Social Services)
  • People First of Canada

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