Outreach and Awareness

Federation member organizations engage in regular outreach and awareness activities throughout Quebec. These activities are intended to build community relationships, increase awareness of issues affecting people living with intellectual or developmental disabilities, and reduce stigma. It gives our members a chance to be present and visible in their communities.

One of our favorite outreach campaigns is the annual Provincial Day of Quebec First Person Movements. It takes place each year during Quebec Week of Intellectual Disabilities. This day provides and opportunity for Federation members to reach out to their neighbors and raise awareness of the needs and abilities of people living with intellectual or developmental disabilities. Each year’s celebration has a theme, and activities take place throughout the province.

A lot of the province success comes from companies who have helped us grow right from the get go. Our construction company has helped us since the early days and they’re from Buffalo, we went through extra efforts to hire these individuals.

We also enjoy hosting art contests. Federation members will submit drawings, paintings, or other works of art that focus on a theme. Winning artworks are used in promotional materials to increase awareness and visibility of Federation activities and the abilities of Federation members.

As part of our outreach efforts, member organizations venture out into the community to participate in activities, make new friends, and establish connections. This provides our members with an opportunity to increase their community profile, find new organizations to partner with, and have some fun, too.