Self Governance

The Federation operates according to the philosophy of “By and For,” that is, it is led by and works for the people it represents. Our members with intellectual or developmental disabilities manage the organization themselves, speak and act on their own behalf, decide what actions to take, and decide how to achieve their goals. We govern ourselves using democratic principles and structures, so that each delegate and member has an opportunity to participate.

Within the Federation, there are several committees devoted to advocating on behalf of members in different areas of public life. These committees are the building blocks of our organization and represent democracy in action. The members of each committee are deeply involved in fulfilling the mandates entrusted to them. The members provide insight, discuss expectations and needs, and propose ideas to achieve Federation goals.

The Federation exercises constant vigilance in all areas of society that directly or indirectly affect the rights of people living with an intellectual of developmental disability so that they are respected and empowered.

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